Getting lost in nature in style

Les Cabanes des Grands Cépages

This summer I was very excited to get a editorial job for the beautiful in flight magazine of Qatar Airlines, Oryx. The Photo assignment was near Avignon. A short drive from Nice took me to the quaint and picturesque village of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. I knew I was close but the GPS could not find my destination. I later discovered that that was almost intentional as the Eco-hotel I was looking for aims to be off the grid, disconnected from our crazy world. So I found myself lost in between the vineyards until I finally found the place built on a former query, an amazing domaine lost in the middle of the trees and the sound of Cicadas.  15 wooden cabins perched on the Lac de la Lionne and far enough from each other to feel completely on your own with nature, Les Cabanes du Grand Cépage!


The Cabins are built in complete harmony with nature and were a delight for a photographer’s eye. Under the baring sun, the roar of the cicadas and the gusts of wind, the cabins stood peacefully on top of the lac’s still water. A feeling of inner calm and of being all alone in the world took over me and I set to start taking pictures of all the different cabins. Interiors, exteriors, landscapes, in the harsh sun, between light and shadows and as the sun went down. All those different atmospheres suited this restful place. I found myself thinking that it would be nice to live a more simple life surrounded by nature, in the elements, not always checking my iphone, away from the modern obligations of life. How one wanders! Which is exactly what the clients of les Cabanes des Grands Cépages come for, a place where they can disconnect completely and be at one with nature.

I walked around the domaine to find the best angles and see the best looking wooden cabins. After soaking up the atmosphere with my camera for awhile I decided to enjoy the hammock built in the terrace on top of the water. How amazing!


The cabins were designed to completely integrate with the surroundings and are as eco-friendly as possible. They are built with untreated wood, insulated with sheep’s wool and the drinking water comes from the tap and is presented in glass bottles with a stick of charcoal in them.

Self sufficient

The resort also has one self-sufficient cabin. That one floats on the lac and you need a paddle boat to access it. It is entirely powered by solar panels and wind turbins and has a garden that benefits from an ecological sanitary system. 

Wicker Hamper filled with local Provence treats

The owners have pushed the concept by giving their tenants the opportunity to not leave their cabins during their stay by ordering their meals in advance. By doing so a wicker hamper magically appears at meal time at the bottom of the stairs of the cabins or by the side of the dock if the cabin is a floating one. The basket is filled with local delicacies and a bottle of wine. After a magical day of photography by the lac for me and writing for my colleague, it was such a treat to enjoy the sunset from the terrace of our cabin with this beautiful meal… obviously with only local organic and very tasty produce!


And here is the article with their selection of pictures! They had so many to choose from as it was such a photogenic subject!

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