1. Uggly Veggies

    Date 10 Jun 2018
    Les Gueules Cassées Les Gueules Cassées is an organisation aiming to reduce food waste. 40 % of the food produced worldwide is not consumed although it is edible. Consumers can now buy peoducts « unfit » for sale through this organisation and its logo. The « ugly » fruit and veg can now be found…

  2. Swim

    Date 08 Jun 2018
    Photo Shoot at the Pool Last winter I was commissioned by a client to take underwater pictures of a swimmer in action in the pool! This magazine needed pictures to illustrate an article on having an active healthy lifestyle. I found a seasonal swimmer as my underwater model and a…

  3. Helicopter vs Drone

    Date 30 May 2018
    Helicopter Shoot vs Shoot with a Drone I am often asked by clients wether it is better to use a drone or to shoot from a helicopter for aerial shots of yachts and sail boats. My answer is always the helicopter. Drones are great for accessibility and handiness but having a photographer…

  4. Monaco like a local

    Date 22 May 2018
    L’Express A few months ago I was commissioned by L’Express Styles to photograph Monaco for an article on the true Monaco of the locals. Straying away from the place’s luxury and Bling, I set out to photograph scenes of every day life, local eateries and places of enjoyment. It was really…

  5. Rampoldi Monaco

    Date 15 May 2018
    Rampoldi This winter I was commissioned to photograph the Monte-Carlo Rampoldi restaurant. Established in Monaco for 70 years, Rampoldi has a typical Monegasque lifestyle atmosphere. It has recently been refurbished and a private club and a cigar lounge are now part of this high end restaurants features. Celebraties such as…

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