Reconstructing San Salvadore

San Salvador is a small island in the Bahamas of only 1300 inhabitants. In October 2015 this beautiful tropical paradise was hit not only once but twice by hurricanes and a large part of the island was wrecked. Most of the inhabitants of the island had left the island (as they usually do during hurricane season) so no one was injured but the architectural damages were devasting for the people. The following pictures were taken 7 months after the island took the hit.

Sunsets in Yacht Photography

Being trusted to photograph a yacht is amazing! It takes a lot of hard work to capture the essence of a boat, to show how every detail is a work of art. All the different lights of the day are important to show different moods and highlight different aspects. But at the end of a long day of work at sea the best reward for a yacht photographer is a beautiful sunset! That is when I go for one last tour of the yacht to take as many pictures as possible in the glorious fading blue, pink and orange light before darkness

Human Yacht Furniture

After shooting interiors, exteriors, and aerials of the stunning 70 m Saint Nicolas it was time to get creative and add a bit of life without taking the focus off the actual features of the yacht. So the artistic director and I decided it would be a good idea to add “human furniture”. We placed people from the crew in each main area and shot the frames as if they weren’t there. Here is the result:


I am an editorial, commercial and yacht photographer based in the sunny French Riviera. I love my job and love capturing all sorts of beautiful images but my passion is the sea. I am happiest in the water! 

Although inserting my Canon 100D in its underwater case is always a bit of an ordeal and carrying the bulky Nimar housing with the sea&sea flash sticking out is almost like taking on moving house, once in the water I am happy. And the best part is to be able to capture all the magical things that happen under the surface, in the other world.

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