Uggly Veggies

Les Gueules Cassées

Les Gueules Cassées is an organisation aiming to reduce food waste. 40 % of the food produced worldwide is not consumed although it is edible. Consumers can now buy peoducts « unfit » for sale through this organisation and its logo. The « ugly » fruit and veg can now be found in some supermarkets, small food shops and farmer’s markets.

With this organisation, consumers can now chose to buy, for a cheaper price, products that do not look as good as the products we are used to but have the same taste and nutritional values. And to sweeten it up, 1 cent off each sold item goes to charity!

Der Spiegel

I was commissioned to take pictures for an article about les Gueules Cassées by the German Magazine Der Spiegel. So I set out to Carpentras where the organization operates from to photograph ugly veggies, people who try to make a difference and lovely vineyards and local landscapes. As much as I love my French Riviera, it is always nice to venture out of the Monaco - Cannes area, especially for lovely magazine photography involving nature and a great subject such as this one!

In Carpentras

Meeting and photographing founder of the organization, Nicolas Chabanne, I realized how wasteful the system is. The products need to be a certain size, shape and present no defaults to be presented to the consumers. I was shown the difference between an acceptable product and an “ugly” one.

It was nice to meet a bunch of people who actually want to make a difference in this economy based on perfection and waste. A difference for the local producers, the consumers and the earth in general. Imagine the ressources needed to produce everything we eat and than double that as almost half is getting thrown away.

Here is Nicolas Chabanne with chef Serge Ghoukassian. Nicolas has convinced quite a few local figures with his rehabilitation of ugly vegetables and fruit. He has got producers, grocers, supermarkets, restauranteurs and consumers all over his region and France. It is also starting to spread around Europe, hence the article by Der Spiegel. Hopefully his initiative will carry on and grow.

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