Monaco Yacht Show 2018

A busy Monaco Yacht Show!

The 2018 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show was a very busy few days for this photographer! I was commissioned by one of the biggest yacht brokers to take pictures of their presence in the show, their stand and a few portraits, had 2 shoots of parties lined up, was hired to take pictures of the stand of a wheel house designer, took pictures of a networking breakfast, took a few photographs for my friend who works in an another huge brokerage company and was asked to take a few documentary shots for the show itself! Pheeew!!

Photographer for the MYS

For the last couple of years I have had the great pleasure to be part of the Monaco Yacht Show official photography team and it has been very fulfilling. This year I had already agreed to work for other clients but I was happy taking a few pictures of the atmosphere for the show.  I was there from sunset to sundown. The MYS is always such a great event to photograph as it is full of surprises. This year the Red Arrow planes showed up over the event and gave us an extraordinary display of air acrobatics. The display of the Amphicruiser was great as well: part SUV part Tender!! It is also full of amazing people wearing stunning outfits and most of all where all the best yachts for sale are located.

Documentary, Portraits, Architecture and Events Photography: all for 1 client!

Banners, stands, boats, portraits of brokers, lifestyle and the Captain’s diner at the Monaco Yacht Club. 

I have photographed a lot of boats for Fraser so when I found out I was going to work for them at the MYS I was very pleased. They are one of the biggest yacht brokers so their presence at the MYS is huge. With boats ranging from 26M (Endeavour II) to 89M with MY Barbara, the work was definitely cut out for me. It was great to rediscover 3 boats that I had photographed over the last 2 years: the amazing Lürssen built 85m Mega Yacht Areti, the incredible and unique 73m explorer yacht built by Admiral: Planet Nine and the beautiful 70m Saint-Nicolas built by Lürssen as well. How lovely to be able to see the crew from Areti again, especially after we had so much fun shooting the underwater lifestyle pictures this summer.

So I spent quite a bit of the few days going up and down the Port Hercule to take photographs of all Fraser marketing, catching up with other clients along the way.

Fraser always has 2 stands at the Monaco Yacht Show. One is in the middle of the show next to Benetti and the other at the Yacht Club. It was important to shoot both at different times. Some architecture shots using my tripod early in the morning without anyone in them and some documentary style pictures showing clients, brokers and crowds.


After shooting all day like this I was booked for 2 evenings. The first one was Fraser’s Captain’s diner at the Monaco Yacht club where I set up a photo call to take portraits of all the guests before they entered the event. A great opportunity to see all the people I hadn’t bumped into during the day. The following evening a party on one of the yachts where I was shooting event style. The following morning I had agreed to do a reportage of the Young Professionals of Yachting breakfast at the Only Yacht Super Yacht Insurance under the Monaco Yacht Club. A great networking opportunity for people working in the yachting industry. It was a very busy event and a very pleasant job as everyone was fresh and energetic and morning light was beautiful!

Team Italia

During all of this I was also asked to take pictures of the Team Italia stand. They are a custom bridge designer for super yachts and mega yachts. This was a very hard job to fit in as it required time with my Manfrotto tripod to get the all the different lights from the stand and the equipment right to be able to put several pictures together in post production. But I got it done in time before the crowds started arriving!

So all in all, a very busy and productive Yacht Show for this photographer this year! I even got to take a few pictures for other companies such as Yachtzoo and their amazing MY ANNA with its helicopter! Hopefully next year is as  fun and as busy!

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