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  1. Mega Yacht

    2019-11-01 07:39:00 UTC

    A Monster of a Yacht It is not every day I get to have the privilege to shoot a very famous 126 m megayacht. Owned by a former tech billionaire, this yacht had been all over the world. It was used for quite a few deep sea scientific explorations with…

  2. Monaco Yacht Show 2018

    2018-11-08 10:52:00 UTC

    A busy Monaco Yacht Show! The 2018 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show was a very busy few days for this photographer! I was commissioned by one of the biggest yacht brokers to take pictures of their presence in the show, their stand and a few portraits, had 2 shoots…

  3. Reaching for the Absolute at the Cannes Yachting Festival

    2018-10-30 09:52:00 UTC

    The Cannes Yachting Festival is the first boat show of the season. It is getting quite big and is the perfect place for exhibitors with boats under 65m. Held 3 weeks before the Monaco Yacht Show it serves another purpose and attracts buyers from all over Europe for the “smaller”…

  4. Helicopter vs Drone

    2018-05-30 13:10:28 UTC

    Helicopter Shoot vs Shoot with a Drone I am often asked by clients wether it is better to use a drone or to shoot from a helicopter for aerial shots of yachts and sail boats. My answer is always the helicopter. Drones are great for accessibility and handiness but having…

  5. Sunsets in Yacht Photography

    2018-03-20 13:30:00 UTC

    Sunsets on yachts Being trusted to photograph a yacht is amazing! It takes a lot of hard work to capture the essence of a boat, to show how every detail is a work of art.  All the different lights of the day are important to show different moods and highlight…

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