Mega Yacht

A Monster of a Yacht

It is not every day I get to have the privilege to shoot a very famous 126 m megayacht. Owned by a former tech billionaire, this yacht had been all over the world. It was used for quite a few deep sea scientific explorations with its onboard submarine, rover, dive centre and hyperbaric chamber. This yacht is the ultimate Explorer.

The Photoshoot

It took 6 days to photograph this amazing yacht working with two other photographers, three videographers and one whole day to understand the layout. Going up and down the 8 decks with the worlds biggest guitare going through the staircases.

I have never been on a boat with so many amenities. The yacht has 2 helipads, an underwater observation room, a movie theatre, a basketball court, a swimming pool, jacuzzis, a fully-equipped recording studio on board and many other crazy features! It can host up to 26 guests.

This photoshoot was epic! Helicopters, divers, underwater shots, drone, tenders, cabin after cabin, a spa, amazing decks…

We got onboard before sunrise to start shooting in the morning lights and stopped after sunset. Their were endless things to take pictures of and so many set ups to organize. We had to coordinate two helicopters with one photographer on one of them, one on a tender and I was on the yacht to take all possible angles of the heli operations. 

 It took almost half a day to shoot the internal dock and its 20m submarine and tender floating into their storage positions and going out.

I also took all the underwater pictures with the divers… a little bit scary when you know the motors are so powerful that the could have sucked me in if I got too close!

A stunning yacht, an amazing shoot and a great experience for this photographer!

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