When the wind comes in the bay

…. so does the rubbish.

This year I am trying to swim in the sea all year long. It is only November so I still have ways to go before I succeed in this endeavor… it is still pretty easy as the water is still at 20°C. Nevertheless I always bring my big Aquatech underwater photography housing with my Canon R6 inside when I go for a sea swim. Today was a glorious French Riviera sunny day after a big wind streak. 

And it saddens me when I go swimming in Nice after a small storm. The wind pushes what has been dumped in the sea back to shore and I find myself swimming in rubbish. It makes me wonder how much is floating out there.

And here is the answer: 3,760 tons of plastic are currently floating in the Mediterranean. 

It is no wonder I come across these floating debris often. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. These debris floating are what is called Macroplastics and are found mostly around big cities on the Med (such as Nice indeed). Microplastics, on the other hand, sink quickly to the sea bed or attach themselves to living organisms. 

And yes we still use plastic. So much of it. I really deplore how the governments still haven’t ACTUALLY banned all the  plastics that can be replaced by natural and biodegredable materials. There are so many options.

When swimming in a soup of plastic one can always look up and see the beautiful real estate on the shore!

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